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Paula Bernini’s defense after being attacked by a woman on TN air: “It’s not good when they disrespect you”


Paula Bernini spoke after the violent attack he suffered from a woman on the streetand expressed: “It’s not good when they disrespect you.”

After the bad moment, the journalist made a statement in Our Afternoon (TN from Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.) and narrated about what happened: “With the cameraman we were left thinking how in three minutes of air time on our screen the map of the country is reflected. You have people who support you, who stand out your work, there are people who are in their individual world that affects them much more than the situation of the country, and then you have the one who comes to attack and insult, who in no way wants to dialogue, but rather who time and again wants to impose a truth that many of us do not share.“.

It’s not good when they disrespect you and when they really approach you from a distance that you have no choice but to feel afraid of what could happen, aggression.. “Everyone has the freedom to express themselves, but with respect,” she said.

And he continued: “My solidarity with the people who were there and wanted to express themselves but couldn’t because they were insulted by this person. It was quite disrespectful, you should review the way you express yourself.“.

Paula Bernini attacked on TN air

“Let’s not pay for journalism to be the target of attacks. We have to be able to work freely. Journalists are not responsible for any situation in the country. They are not willing to listen, they want to impose their position and that is not good, because if we do not find dialogue, we journalists have no role. Attacking is not the solution, and they are not going to make us stop doing our work“he concluded Paula Bernini.

In turn, through his Instagram stories, he added about what happened: “Working on the street has these situations, of people who are not willing to speak and want to impose their position by force. I’m fine, happy with how I reacted because my intention was to listen to her, she didn’t want to listen to me. The situation was aggressive, it is not good for them to insult you and push youbut I don’t want to give it greater significance than it had.”

What happened to Paula Bernini

Paula Bernini was the victim of a violent attack while she was on TN air covering the march of social organizations against Javier Milei.

The journalist was talking to people in Vicente López, when a Kirchnerist militant yelled at her.

Shit forr*s… You, Y/N, too. Sepoys, sell country“, the woman expressed uncontrollably. At that moment, another woman joined the intersection and tried to defend Paula: “Why are you attacking her? She is a journalist. “The operation has to be, they have to go to work.”

Shut up, madam“, responded the militant of the previous Government. And she continued against Paula Bernini: “You are a mercenary of Magnetto“.

Why do you blame me?“the communicator asked when she saw that the woman was jumping on her to scold her. “Shut up, come on, if we know each other… forr*. You are responsible for this Government, liars, mercenaries. They are going to run“, the militant closed with violence.

“That’s what the microphone is for, so that people who want to can let off steam, it’s for everyone,” said the TN reporter when the woman left.

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