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Rating: how much the match between Libertad and River measured on Telefe, Los 8 Escalones on El Trece, Bendita on El Nueve and LAM on América TV


On Wednesday, April 24, the match between Libertad and River Plate by Libertadores Cup led in Telefe with the highest average of the day in the rating. The channel bought the rights to said competition, so Big Brother It was not broadcast at night. Furthermore, in the top five, they had the five most viewed products of the day.

The most viewed on Telefe: Conmebol Libertadores: Libertad vs. River Plate 13.4; Conmebol Libertadores – The preview 11.3; Telefe news 10.7; Conmebol Libertadores 10.1; All for my home 8.4; The people’s news 8.0; Cut by Lozano and GH Directv DGO Present: Spying on the house (night) 7.6; Ariel in her sauce 2 and Melissa 7.4; woman-fragranced coffee 7.1; GH Directv DGO Present: Spying on the house (afternoon) 6.8; Ariel in her element 6.2; A la Barbarossa 5.8; News Staff 4.4; Second half news staff 2.8.

The most viewed of El Trece: The 8 Steps of 3 Million 7.3; Telenight 6.4; Now I fall 5.4; The Fox 5.3; Midday News 5.2; Show Partners 4.1; Iosi, the repentant spy 3.4; Not very correct 3.0; very morning 2.9; 1D2 2.7; Up Argentines and In summary 2.5; The legacy 2.1.

The most viewed of El Nueve: blessed 4.3; Telenueve at noon 3.4; Central Telenueve 3.0; welcome to win 2.7; What a morning! 2.6; Every afternoon 2.4; Telenueve at closing 1.0.

The most watched on América TV: THE M 3.7; America news 2.8; Al Dente Night 2.4; Intruders 2.1; In the afternoon 2.0; DDM 1.8; It happened in America 1.6; American breakfast 1.0; Good morning America – extra 0.7; Good morning america 0.4.

Rating: all the numbers for Wednesday, April 24

The top five

Telefe led the day’s rating without Big Brotherbut remained in first place with the match between Freedom and River with 13.4 points. The previous meeting for the Libertadores Cup scored 11.3, while Telefe News made up the top 3 with 10.7. The Conmebol Libertadores got 10.1 and All for my home He took last place with 8.4.

In The nine, blessed added 3.9 points out of 4.3 of Telenueve at noonwhile THE M It reached 3.7 points. In the Public TV, Experimentores-2 and Public Flash Television Javier Milei Speaks got 1.0. In Net TV, Net Cinema “Asher” led the channel with 0.6, while Emerald (Afternoon) did the same with 0.3 in Bravo TV.

The averages

Telefe He took first place with an average of 13.4. The thirteen got 7.3 and The nine made up the top 3 with 4.3. THE M followed it with 3.7, while Public TV added 1.0 and surpassed Net TV with 0.6. Bravo TV It came in last place with 0.3 rating points.

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