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“So much wisdom in your words”


Gustavo Zerbino and Pampita met in Uruguay (IG pampitaoficial)Gustavo Zerbino and Pampita met in Uruguay (IG pampitaoficial)

The last month, Carolina Pampita Ardohain announced that he would take a very important step in his artistic career, in which he would settle in Uruguay for a while to face a new project in the neighboring country. First, she overtook him on her visit to the program. Mirtha Legrand. “Starting March 12 I am going to be in I see how you singon Teledoce,” said the model, happy for this opportunity.

On their social networks, the Bailando jury interacted with their eastern followers and explained what this call was about. “Hello, Uruguay. A great 2024 is coming on Teledoce. I am happy to be part of this successful format, I see how you sing, where I will be one of the advisors. We are going to have a lot of fun together, a huge kiss, see you soon,” said the model and host.

It is in the midst of this present that in the last hours Pampita lived a shocking day that she could not hide from her followers on social networks. There she could be seen together with one of the survivors of the Tragedy of the Andes, who recently managed to capture a new generation after the premiere of the film The Snow Society, widely acclaimed in all corners of the world.

Pampita did not hide her admiration for Gustavo ZerbinoPampita did not hide her admiration for Gustavo Zerbino

What a nice meeting with my admired Gustavo Zerbino!“, expressed the jury, to which he added: “So much wisdom in your words!”, and then share some of the insights of the now businessman. ”The bag, that was what gave me the fuel, the enthusiasm and the tenacity to not give up, since having that mission gave me the strength to not give up,” he revealed, referring to the suitcase in which they were collected. the belongings of those friends who lost their lives after the impact of the plane, medals, chains, watches, documents and even letters that were left as souvenirs for the bereaved.

On that point, he continued: “When I realized that no one else was ever going to go up to that place, because it had never been stepped on by a man and it was like a grain in the desert, I felt within me that if I didn’t bring those people some tangible memory, his family was not going to be able to grieve.”

Regarding life and the decisions made, he clarified that “Error and failure are just a story, the only thing that exists is learning“, while acknowledging that “we are very proud that the story is well known in a time where there are few values ​​and principles.” Furthermore, among the teachings and reflections shared, he highlighted that “you have to get up once more than you fall,” and then remember that “in the mountain range we met a kind God.”

Gustavo Zerbino recalled in a talk with Pampita the sorrows and learning after the tragedy of Los AndesGustavo Zerbino recalled in a talk with Pampita the sorrows and learning after the tragedy of Los Andes

Regarding the present, Zerbino stated that “When I wake up every morning I thank God that I am alive, I practice daily gratitude; life crushed me“, to finally express that “love is the greatest force.”

Pampita, who declared herself an “absolute fan of the film The Snow Society,” urged her almost 8 million followers on Instagram to do so if they had not yet had the opportunity to see it. Furthermore, in dialogue with The Observer, He explained how this goal of making television in Uruguay was achieved, to which he explained: “This program just happened to fit in a few months that I have free, so it was perfect, everything happened so that it could be done. I am coming every week, I love it, Uruguay is a place that I always choose, I come with my family every year, I have been coming all my life and I love its people, the love they give me in the streets is impressive, the beautiful things what they tell me “They make me feel very good and they make me feel at home too.”

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