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Storhamar took another stab at the NM final in ice hockey: – Humility was back


Storhamar’s Sverre Rønningen in a match against Comet in February. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB.

Of NTB | 19.04.2024 21:33:02

Sport: That means they lead 2-1 in games in the best-of-seven series. The next match will be played at Jordal Amfi in Oslo on Sunday. A packed house and 7,500 spectators are expected then.

– Today we play much better than at Jordal. The humility and “smartness” were back, Storhamar coach Petter Thoresen told TV 2.

Storhamar have been completely superior against Vålerenga on their own ice this time. The two games in the regular season between the teams in Hamar ended with 4-0 and 8-0, which means that Vålerenga has only scored one goal in “Fjøset” this season.

– We know that we have turned this around before. We’ve only lost a hockey game. No more. It is the “power play” that destroys us today, said Vålerenga’s coach Fredrik Andersson.

Just over four minutes had been played when the home team made it 1-0. It was a clinical score by Peter Quenneville down the right for Vålerenga’s goalkeeper Tobias Breivold. Patrick Thoresen and Sander Hurrød assisted.

Sverre Rønningen doubled for Storhamar in the lead after 17.23 minutes played in the 1st period. Then it was Jacob Berglund and Martin Rønnild who had assists.

Jacob Berglund put the puck in an empty cage to make it 4–0 after 57.20 minutes. Thomas Olsen reduced the score to 1–4 with six seconds left to play.

In total, Storhamar has beaten Vålerenga 28-10 in this year’s season, including Friday’s match. That’s what makes them favorites to be this year’s playoff champions.

The former Lillehammer player Rønningen made it 3-0 to Storhamar with his second of the day when he stuck the puck into the crossbar 6.31 minutes into the 2nd period. Jacob Berglund again had an assist, and so did Andreas Martinsen.

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