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SV and Frp agree – butcher the government’s watchdog proposal


The government’s new bill on the competence of security guards at Norwegian airports is too poor and could weaken aviation safety, say SV and Frp. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Of NTB | 23.04.2024 02:20:27

Economy and business: – This proposal must be stopped. If it is adopted, it will weaken security at Norwegian airports, says SV’s justice policy spokesperson Andreas Sjalg Unneland to The daily newspaper.

– For once, I agree with SV. This proposal must not be adopted, says Frps Tor André Johnsen, who is the rapporteur for the proposal in the Storting’s justice committee.

The changes the government is proposing concern, among other things, that there will no longer be a requirement for professional training for certain security guards at Norwegian airports. Security guards who carry out so-called personal checks must have security guard training, while those who carry out other checks, such as baggage checks, do not need it.

Unneland says that the proposal creates an “extremely artificial distinction” between different types of guards. He also points out that only three airports in the country have permanently stationed police.

– This means that at 40 of the country’s 43 airports it is the guards who make up the security, and who must prevent and handle dangerous situations if they arise, says the SV politician, who also points out that both trade unions and NHO are against the proposal.

The changes to the law are to be considered at a meeting of the justice committee on Wednesday, and the committee is scheduled to issue its recommendation on the matter after the meeting.

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