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Swedish police “leaks” to criminal gangs


Criminal gangs in Sweden have in a number of cases succeeded in recruiting police officers who leak classified information and warn of impending actions, shows an investigation carried out by Dagens Nyheter. Illustration photo: Johan Nilsson / TT / NTB

Of NTB | 28.04.2024 09:12:24

Crime and justice: According to the newspaper’s investigation since 2018, there have been 514 reports of cases where police employees are suspected of having played in league with criminal gangs.

Several of the reports have resulted in convictions, and at least 30 police employees have been designated as a security risk and have either been forced to quit or resigned themselves.

In 14 cases, there is strong evidence that police officers have given classified information to criminals.

Leaks from the police also coincide in time with at least four murders or attempted murders.

The criminals use several methods to recruit police officers, and one method that is often used is to initiate sexual relations, DN’s survey shows.

– This is dangerous for democracy. People risk losing faith in society, says department head Martin Valfridsson in the Swedish police’s special unit.

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