Saturday, May 25, 2024

The date of the 2024 Martín Fierro Awards is rescheduled and the reasons were announced: “We are in an unstable country”


The Martín Fierro Awards 2024 of open television had a scheduled date to find out who were the best of the year, but they changed course in the last hours for the most important event that will be broadcast on Telefe.

When will the Martín Fierro 2024 be?

Luis VenturaPresident of APTRAtalked with The First of the Afternoon CNN Radio and confirmed that it will be on Sunday, September 8 of this year.

“The party is going to happen. We are in an unstable country and everything is governed by the number of contracts. The channels also have the issue of their screens, the contracts”explained about the rescheduling of the event.

Martin Fierro Awards
Martín Fierro Awards. (Capture: Networks)

“We defined it two hours ago at Aptra’s small table. It suits us strategically because in June we had two deliveries. We have the contract signed and collected. We have to go in the times of whoever bought the right. I don’t dare give the date , but I also have the cable television deal almost closed for July,” he clarified.

Finally, Luis Ventura express: “Today my colleagues have an anxiety with Martín Fierro that forces you to set the time and date for what is going to happen. I don’t get less than 25 calls a day to find out about the Martín Fierro.”

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