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The state administrator is considering supervision of the accused’s health care


The state administrator in Agder enters the murder case in Arendal to assess whether there should be supervision of the health care the accused man in his 60s has received. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Of NTB | 25.04.2024 01:32:13

Crime and justice: – We are in the process of assessing the notice. It is then in the nature of the matter that we consider whether further supervisory follow-up should be carried out, says county doctor Aase Aamland at the State Administrator in Agder to Agderposten.

The county doctor must therefore assess whether they should go in and investigate whether the accused man has received adequate health care.

In a ruling from the Agder Court of Appeal, it appears that an expert has made a preliminary assessment of the man’s mental health. In the ruling, experts express a “strong suspicion of an underlying psychotic disorder”.

Two forensic psychiatrists will now assess the mental health of the man accused of murder.

– They must assess the accused’s sanity. A report on this usually comes six to eight weeks after the mandate has been given, prosecutor Vanja Bruvoll said newspaper Saturday.

On Tuesday morning 2 April, 35-year-old Miriam Daniela Ayres Cea was found badly injured outside the pharmacy where she worked in the center of Arendal. Shortly after, she was pronounced dead, and the preliminary autopsy report indicates that she was killed with a knife. A 63-year-old man has been arrested. He denies criminal guilt.

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