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Giro d’Italia | The winner of the Giro – Prize pool earns a total of more than 1.5 million


Primoz Roglic was the absolute big earner of the Giro last year. The Slovenian, who also won the final classification, earned almost 300 thousand euros in three weeks. In total he took home 289,842 euros. Geraint Thomas was number two in the general classification with 171,719 euros, and the non-existent prize money classification.

It is clear that the most money can be earned in the general classification. For comparison: if you win the pink jersey of the general classification, you win 265,668 euros. The best sprinter of the Giro in the purple jersey only receives 10 thousand euros.

The total prize pool this year is 1.6 million euros. A nice amount, but a pittance if you compare it with other sports such as tennis. This year, 52 million euros were to be distributed at the Australian Open.

Sponsor fund

The prize money for the pink jersey is extra high because the top 10 men in the rankings receive a bonus from the organization. That bonus comes from a special fund set up by the sponsors of the Tour. The pink winner wins 115,000 euros from the regular pot, and 150,000 euros from the sponsors’ pot.

1 €115,668 (150,000)
2 €58,412 (75,000)
3 €28,801 (40,000)
4 €14,516 (7,000)
5 €11,654 (6,500)
6 €8,588 (5,000)
7 €8,588 (5,000)
8 €5,725 (5,000)
9 €5,725 (5,000)
10 €2,863 (5,000)
11 to 20 €2,863

Stage wins

In addition to riding a good classification, stage wins also yield a nice amount of money. As soon as you cross the line first, you can cheer about the victory and the 11 thousand euros that is coming your way. The number two receives half of that amount and the number three receives half of that amount.


Giro d’Italia 2024 | View the route of the 107th Giro here, starting in Piedmont

1 €11,010
2 €5,508
3 €2,763
4 €1,377
5 €1,102
6 €826
7 €826
8 €551
9 €551
10 €276

Blue, purple, white sweater

The winners of the white (youth) and purple (sprint) jersey win 10 thousand euros. The numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 of those rankings receive 8000, 6000, 4000 and 2000 euros respectively. The winner of the blue (mountain) jersey receives 5,000 euros. Numbers 2 to 5 in the mountains classification receive 4000, 3000, 2000 and 1000 euros.

If you start in a jersey, you will receive a standard starting premium of 750 euros.

Smaller rankings

The Giro d’Italia is known for the many classifications that are contested. In addition to the fairly regular classifications such as the general, sprint, mountain and youth classification, there is also a ‘battle’ for the intermediate sprints, intergiro and most aggressive rider.

Intermediate sprint classification – Every first and third intermediate sprint of the day earns points for the intermediate sprint classification. The rider who has collected the most points in the intermediate sprints after 3 weeks wins 8,000 euros.

Intergiro ranking – This rather incomprehensible ranking is still there, although few riders and spectators seem to care. Every second intermediate sprint of the day is an intergiro where points can also be earned. However, these do not count in the intermediate sprint classification, but in the intergiro classification. The person with the most intergiro points wins 7,000 euros. You can earn 1,500 euros at the end of each intergiro. For a regular intermediate sprint that is only 500 euros. In addition to the cash prize, the winner also receives a driving skills course from the sponsor of the classification.

Attack price – The rider who has ridden the most kilometers in attack in a stage will receive a prize of 200 euros. At the end of the Giro, all kilometers are added up. The best attacker receives 5,000 euros. But be careful: an attack only counts if there are fewer than 10 people in the group. The group must have ridden at least 5 kilometers ahead of the peloton.

Most aggressive rider – Now things get really complicated. In addition to an attack prize, there is also a prize for the most fighting spirit. The rider who contributed most to the day’s attack will wear a red jersey number the next day. The most aggressive rider during the entire Giro will receive 5,000 euros.

Can cyclists keep the prize money themselves?

It is customary that the prize money earned by all riders in the team is divided among their teammates. This way, the leader’s servants also get a nice bonus.

The amounts mentioned are gross amounts. The tax authorities also receive part of the prize money. Although it could help that many riders live in tax havens such as Andorra and Monaco. The mandatory contribution for the riders’ pension has already been calculated in the price.

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