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Tiago PZK crossed paths with an influencer who accused him of making a pass at his ex-partner


Tiago PZK He surprised the internet by crossing an influencer who accused him of having made advances to his ex-partnerbefore and after they ended their relationship.

This is Tomás Mazza, who in the last few hours confirmed his breakup with Milagros, whom the singer would have tried to “chamuyar.” It all started when she posted on her account x (ex Twitter): “How many vultures are there in the scene. Start with T and sing”.

To this comment, your friend Coscu He responded: “AHAHA, don’t tell me,” referring to the fact that he already knew who it was since something similar happened to him when the rag picker went out with his ex-partner. Belén Negri, nicknamed “La Chilena”.

Tomás Mazza against Tiago PZK
Tomás Mazza against Tiago PZK

In this way, Tomás shared an image that his ex-girlfriend uploaded to her networks where she showed the ‘likes’ she placed on the different photos on her profileunder the comment: “Shall I give another clue?”

Then, he uploaded a screenshot of the last conversation he had with Tiago where he had not responded, and explained: “He must be resentful because he invited me to train and I never responded”.

How Tiago PZK reacted to Tomás Mazza’s accusations

Seeing the impact that was generated on the social network, Gotti decided to respond to his colleague’s tweet by commenting: “I never answered salami”. In this publication he shared screenshots of the conversation with Milagros, which showed great admiration for his music.

“Those conversations are from 2021-2022 when she was still at school and told you in fan mode,” Tomás Mazza explained the context of the conversation. To which Tiago continued saying: “Vulture of what salami. First, you and I are not friends. Second, why do you delete your messages from the conversation? And third, I don’t know about your life because I don’t consume your Fla or follow you, the girl sent me a bunch of messages and I never answered any of them. “Unsafe piece.”

Tiago PZK against Tomás Mazza
Tiago PZK against Tomás Mazza

Finally, Tomás Mazza clarified: “Maybe this isn’t from now, it’s been getting likes since October/September, only now I got excited and exposed it. “He spoke to him like twice and since Mili nailed him, he deleted the messages.”


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