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Tini Stoessel outraged by the cancellation of her show due to climate problems: “It caused me a lot of helplessness”


Tini Stoessel had to cancel his first presentation of ““A lock of hair” due to climate problems, and he came out to announce it to his fans. Likewise, after announcing the cancellation she was outraged, and gave a song from her new album to her fans.

What happened to the Tini Stoessel show?

The Triple T show was scheduled for April 25 at the Hurlingham Polo Club, located in the town of Hurlingham, province of Buenos Aires. Being an open space, the rain damaged the electrical appliances and made it impossible for the show to start. However, he moved his presentation to April 30.

“You don’t know how helpless it makes me to have this happen, how much I waited for this day. I am very helpless that things don’t even work, not even a light turns on, a lot of things don’t work. “We waited until the last minute for news, but basically, nothing works”said the singer minutes after everyone knew of the cancellation.

And I add: “It is a danger for the dancers, for the technicians, for you and for everyone. I waited a long time for this very special album, I apologize for not being able to do it. Even if only this light works, I don’t want to leave without singing at least something.”

Nevertheless, Tini She decided to give her fans an acapella song with the fans who came to see her, and they all sang “PA”, the first song of “A lock of hair.”

Finally, Tini Stoessel He was present on his official Instagram account to apologize again, and thank his fans: ““What happened today caused me a lot of sadness and helplessness at the same time, I wanted with all my might to share this show and this album with you.”

Tini after the cancellation of her show
Tini after the cancellation of her show (screenshot (@tinistoessel)

And he closed: “Thank you for being there, for singing with me in the rain even though we had to postpone it, thank you for waiting, and for traveling from afar. Thank you, I love you with all my heart.”

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