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Trump had to cancel the campaign meeting at the last minute


A campaign staff member earlier Saturday participated in preparations for the planned event in Wilmington, but Trump later announced that the meeting had to be canceled. Photo: Chris Seward / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 21.04.2024 01:00:24

Policy: Trump should have held an election campaign meeting in Wilmington in North Carolina on Saturday evening. A few thousand supporters had already arrived when Trump called from the airport, less than an hour before he was due to go on stage.

In the call to those in attendance, Trump said he had to cancel at the last minute because of a storm that was headed for the area. Trump told those in attendance that they had to leave the place immediately, for their own safety.

He regretted the cancellation and said he will hold another election rally at the same location at a later date. Meteorologists have issued a danger warning for the area.

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