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TWICE’s Mina starred in a stunning photo shoot that went viral online


Mina Myoi stars in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar Japan. The member of TWICE and MISAMO He left the public breathless with the photo session he did from Paris.

The 27-year-old Japanese-American singer, dancer, model and songwriter posed for FENDI in a session led by photographer Seiji Fujimori where she showed off her elegance, sensuality, overwhelming and subtle charm, mixed with the Parisian landscape. Harper’s Bazaar Japan rated Mina’s movements “like a top model.”

Mina Myoi
Mina Myoi for FENDI

Quickly, the hashtags MINA x HARPER’S BAZAAR JAPAN, #HarpersBazaarxMINA, #FENDIxMINA and #MYOUIMINA went viral online.

“Not only does Paris have a classic cityscape, but the people who live in Paris are also wonderful. They have a relaxed atmosphere and manners, the way they spend their time in cafes and elegant fashion that suits them in their own way (…) If I had the chance to stay for a long time, I would like to spend my time there without making any plans, just wake up in the morning and go to a cafe if I feel like it or go for a walk if the weather is good,” he says with a twinkle in his eye, describes the magazine.

Mina Myoi
Mina Myoi for FENDI
Mina Myoi
Mina Myoi for FENDI

Wearing the Fendi summer collection in a bourgeois-chic apartment, Mina talked about TWICE, but also about MISAMO, the Japanese subunit of the K-Pop group: “Sana-chan, Momo-chan and I have been working hard to continue move forward as we support each other. This year, I hope to do a tour based on the album we released as MISAMO“.

In January of this year, attended the Fendi haute couture collection as a guest and made her debut at the show. Mina went to Paris alone for the first time since her debut with TWICE in 2015, and she wowed the waiting crowd and broke the Internet with her elegant and sexy look.

On the last day of Paris Fashion Week, Fendi presented its collection of Women’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024. Mina, who has collaborated with the brand and is expected to be named global ambassador, was present and her arrival at the Palais Brongniart caused a sensation, becoming the event itself.

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