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Who is leaving the Big Brother house on Sunday, April 28 according to polls


On Sunday, April 28, a new elimination gala will take place in Big Brother (Telefe) which have as protagonists Emmanuel Vich, Juliana Furia Scaglione, Coty Romero, Martin Ku and Zoe Bogachand the polls gave the first prediction of what would be the next eliminated from the house.

Virginia Demo was the winner of the leadership in the week, so she had the opportunity to go down to Bautista Mascia of the plate to go up to Zoe. The others received votes and were nominated by their own classmates.

It should be noted that this plate is negative again after production has decided to make it positive two consecutive times.

Big Brother nominees
The Big Brother nominees for Tuesday, April 23. (Capture: Telefe)

According to several influencers and journalists who are dedicated to uploading information about the reality show, the surveys say the following:

Through the X account Fefe Bongiornomore than 65,000 voted where they predict that Coty would go with him 45.9%while hand in hand would be with Immanuel with 32.9%. They follow her below Rage with 19.2%, Zoe with 14.6% and Martin with 14.3%.

GH Survey - Fefe 1
Fefe Bongiorno’s surveys. (Capture: X)
GH Survey - Fefe 2
Fefe Bongiorno’s surveys. (Capture: X)

On the other hand, the account of @gh_trivia where they specialize in conducting reality surveys, there were more than 11,000 votes. There, the results gave Coty as the next eliminated with 56.7%, while Immanuel it had 37.3%.

GH surveys 1
The GH Trivias surveys. (Capture: X)
GH surveys 2
The GH Trivias surveys. (Capture: X)

Among other surveys, the account of @PtcReloaded received more than 1,500 on its publication. The numbers also give Coty in first place with 44%, while Immanuel it is closer with 37.9%.

Survey - GH Ptc Reloaded
Survey – GH Ptc Reloaded. (Capture: X)

It is worth clarifying that all voting that is valid is to 9009 by SMS, and that the surveys are still numbers that can change when announcing the new participant eliminated from the list. Big Brother (Telefe).

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