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Yanina Latorre criticized Santiago del Moro and the production of Big Brother after the departure of Furia: “Stop begging for ratings”


Yanina Latorre did not agree with how they handled the departure of Rage from the Big Brother house (Telefe) after his health problemand expressed his anger on his radio program against Santiago del Moro and the production of the reality show.

What did Yanina Latorre say about Santiago del Moro and the production of Big Brother?

On air in The Observer 107.9 while talking to Pia Shaw in Yanina 107.9the journalist got into the debate about the medical studies that the most controversial player in the house had to undergo, and pointed out: “I’m going to title it the following way and I don’t care that you work at Telefe. ‘The pathetic little show of Furia leaving the house’.”

“Stop begging for ratings. They have more than enough, they are talented. Del Moro, I’m talking to you. You lowered the price with what they did yesterday. They were selling all afternoon, I even at one point said she’s pregnant, she’s sick,” continuous.

“The girl goes to the confessional, they tell her, she comes out, she acts like she’s crying, she wipes her tears, she enters the apartment, she deceives her colleagues, her colleagues cry, then she tells them that it’s a joke, ‘I’ll make some tomorrow analysis’ and it comes back. And today it came back,” he detailed.

In any case, he highlighted the way in which Juliana Scaglione He made them believe that the game was being abandoned permanently and clarified: “I didn’t see her come in, I didn’t see her leave, I don’t know if she maintained the isolation, I don’t know. It seems to me that maybe… Chapó, it’s the best thing the house has. Yesterday when she lied to her classmates, she pretended to be She was crying. She’s an actress. Fury is all. I want her to sit here for a day and watch alone. “

However, he did not stop pointing towards the host of the program: “But Santiago made her look like he was almost about to die crying with her. The girl was neither excited nor afraid. You saw that at one point she knew the illness she had. ‘I’m a high-performance athlete, I didn’t eat.'”

“Guys, don’t play that game with your health. You take her out, you take her, you do the studies and she comes back, and you show it. Because today it is posted on Twitter, there is a video where Coty and Darío when Furia is just about to enter “They are talking about Manzana also leaving the house to do some studies, and Santiago del Moro didn’t tell us,” he remarked.

“Just when they say that, they take the camera out of there, and they go to another room in the house. They are very obvious, guys. Besides, they are with people inside, who don’t know what is known and what is not. And they are going to screw up, If they keep screwing up, they didn’t like it. And if Furia comes out, why do they do a show with Furia and not with Manzanita?”he added.

Finally, Pia Shaw He defended the program in which he works and responded: “Very good. As a specialist in this matter, I am on the other side of Yanina Latorre’s path.” To spice up the dialogue, the panelist from LAM (America TV) he attacked: “And what was it going to be… She has the three Telefe balls on her tits. She has three tits. Two of these and in the middle a ball.”

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