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Ángela Leiva spoke for the first time about her mental health: “We all go through a situation like this”


Angela Leiva spoke for the first time about the mental health problems he suffered, and preferred to remain silent, during his presentation of his new work “School and rock” He decided to give an interview where he was asked about this situation that is becoming common among artists.

As a result of the mental health problems of Tini Stoessel and Karina, she admitted: “Everyone, at some point, I think, goes through a situation like this. It’s not pretty at all. I understand that there are people who do require help. Luckily, I never reached a state of needing help.”he attacked.

And he clarified: “Yes, obviously, I do therapy and everything. I was lucky enough to find that support both in my private life and on stage, and with my audience. “That situation of understanding that one is a person beyond being an artist and often a product for businessmen.”

“It’s good and I like that the girls are telling what is happening to them,” Leiva acknowledged, and also referred to her case in particular: “The times when I was a little bad I preferred to keep quiet or not say it.” Finally, Angela Leiva hill: “I think it’s brave to say it on camera.”

What is School of Rock about?

From the producers and creative team of Matildaa work that reached more than 160,000 spectators in Buenos Aires, takes the stage of the Gran Rex Theater, SCHOOL OF ROCK, the Musical, the most anticipated work for the whole family.

Starring the multifaceted Agustín ‘I’m Rada’ Aristaran (Matilda) and the undisputed Angela Leiva as Rosalie Mullins, principal of Horace Green School, Sofia Pachano like Patty Di Marco and Santiago Otero Ramos playing Ned Schneebly. Patty is the antagonist of the story and girlfriend of Ned, Dewey’s best friend from rock adventures in his youth.

Complete this extraordinary cast Germán “TRIPA” Tripel in the role of Theo, Dewey’s bandmate.

JUNE 20, 2024 will make way for the premiere of SCHOOL OF ROCK, the Musical in BUENOS AIRESafter the worldwide success of its productions in New York, London, China, Australia, New Zealand, Sao Paulo, South Africa, Madrid and Korea.

For the whole family and with a great commitment to national production made up of three casts of 39 boys and girls, SCHOOL OF ROCK, the Musicalwill be the only show on the Argentine billboard with a band of boys and girls, acting, dancing and PLAYING LIVE INSTRUMENTS.

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