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Athletics | Father Ingebrigtsen brothers charged with abuse after revelation of children


In October 2023, Jakob, Henrik and Filip came out about the terrible treatment by their father. Gjert Ingebrigtsen is said to have used physical violence and threats during his training methods.

Following these revelations in the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang, the police started an investigation. The father is now accused of abusing one of the seven children. The police found insufficient evidence for abuse of the other six children.


The Ingebrigtsen brothers congratulate Jakob on his European title

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One charge left

In October, the three athletic brothers said: “We grew up with a father who was very aggressive and controlling. He used physical violence and threatened us. We still feel discomfort and fear that we have carried with us since childhood.”

Jakob Ingebrigtsen is the Olympic champion in the 1500 meters and two-time world champion in the 5000 meters. It is striking that the only charge still outstanding does not concern Jakob. The father still denies all allegations.

Since 2022, the brothers have stopped working with their father as an athletics coach.


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