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Carlos Monti shot at the Big Brother participants because of the dirt in the house: “They are filthy”


Carlos Monti driver Afternoon Nosers (NET TV) shot at the participants of Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) since they are not clean, and do not maintain the hygiene of the house. As well as, respect for the space that is being given to the players.

Now with Arturo’s presence they have to take more care of the order of the house, since the dog cannot eat anything other than his food, and it seems that the players don’t even care about that.

What did Carlos Monti say about the Big Brother participants?

“Because I am me, I didn’t last even an hour. (…) “I leave, shouting ‘They are all filthy’. “Either we run away or the boys kick us out in two minutes,” the driver began. And he added resignedly: “I don’t want to be on them all the time with the question of cleanliness, but what you see…”

“We have passed around pieces of tape of them saying ‘Stop, but if you don’t clean, why am I going to clean?’ “Fighting in the kitchen”, he added. Then, Débora D’Amato, panelists of the program, agreed: “This is the concept of a five-year-old boy saying ‘Why am I going to bathe today if I get dirty tomorrow?’ “Skinny, you’re not five years old!”

“Sabrina already had a urinary tract infection, I mean, I think it’s already deplorable how the bathroom is, how the room is”said another of the program’s panelists. “Any little boy knows that, before sitting at the table, he has to wash his hands. These do not wash their hands and sit at the table. He sucks! “Disgusting!”the driver exploded.

“Arturo is in the patio and then he enters the bedrooms with all his paws covered in mud, and he climbs into bed. All of this also brings germs and viruses.”he recalled Eugenia Schlatter. Finally, Carlos Monti closed the topic: ““I insist that, with a crew to clean, a deep cleaning of the house.”

How much does Coty Romero earn to be on Big Brother?

Coty Romerowho participated in the previous edition of Big Brother (Telefe) and now he is doing it again after entering the Golden Ticketwould charge a monthly fee to remain inside the house thanks to his audience.

The woman from Corrientes went to the plate twice since she returned to the reality show, and her fandom showed that she has support abroad after being saved in both galas with positive votes.

As is public knowledge, staying in the house and the competition leaves a benefit for all participants, beyond the large prize that only the winner will win.

Coty Romero in Big Brother
Coty Romero in Big Brother

As announced Santiago del Morothe host of the program, Coty would receive the same monthly salary as his colleagues despite having joined later as a “ex-sister”. In this way, the participants They would have a salary of 300,000 pesos.

What illness does Big Brother’s Fury have?

Juliana Rage Scaglione revealed to his classmates Big Brother (Telefe) who was diagnosed leukemia. The player said that the disease is in stage 1, that she does not have to undergo treatment and she asked them not to be scared.

“I have something that is horrible, but I don’t have to undergo treatment, and therefore, since I am at level 1 and it is not level 4, I can continue being here,” Furia began by saying in front of his colleagues in one of the rooms. Then, bluntly, he said: “Guys, “I have leukemia.”

“It’s not a joke, it’s not a joke, it’s nothing…so nothing, that”he added, and reiterated when asked by his colleagues: ““I don’t have to treat it because it’s level 1. If it doesn’t grow, I have to take blood every month to see what’s going on.”

“It may be that at 40 years old I hit level three and we shit. I can’t train what I trained before, healthy living. This game did nothing for me to be like this,” he indicated.

During the night, in dialogue with Santiago del Moro live, he explained: “I decided to tell my colleagues because I consider them my family. Because I swallowed things and put up with it, the death of my parents, etc., my immune system fell. Today it’s my turn to me, but there’s no need to be scared.”

The reality show host read the medical report live, and in front of the rest of the Big Brother players, where he says that Fury “You can lead a normal life”although you should alert doctors of any changes in your health.

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