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Gerard Piqué’s controversial statement after the tense moment with María Becerra: “I didn’t disrespect anyone”


Gerard Piqué starred in a tense moment with María Becerra during a streaming and, after the commotion, he made a controversial statement.

After his racist comment against Bolivia, the former soccer player did not apologize and redoubled his bet.

The Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos gave the opportunity to Gerard Piqué to reconsider and even repudiated his statements, but he did not care and shot: “I didn’t make any jokes“.

When Ibai told him that he had been killed in the network, Piqué shot: “It takes me to another level“. At this, Llanos became serious and confronted him: “Just because he fights you does not excuse that you have been rude, unpleasant and disrespectful.”

Sometimes I am and wanting to, but this time I was not nor did I want to be.“, the former soccer player excused himself. When they asked him to send a message to the people of Bolivia, he limited himself to saying: “Good luck, Bolivia.” And he burst out: “I have a hard time looking good. What do you want, a two-minute message to Bolivia?”

“There is one thing that is above looking good, and that is respect and education,” Ibai Llanos said. “I never disrespected anyone“Piqué concluded shouting.

What happened between María Becerra and Gerard Piqué

Maria Becerra He was streaming the Kings League in Spain and had an uncomfortable moment with Gerard Piqué.

The singer was talking about her upcoming performances, when the former Barcelona defender interrupted her with a misplaced comment.

Now I’m going to be in Bolivia giving two shows“said María Becerra, while Piqué began to laugh. “He laughs!” the artist managed to say, uncomfortable, when the former soccer player continued: “Damn, let’s see who goes to Bolivia…“.

“Well, but I’m telling it for people. People from all over are seeing this,” he continued. The Girl from Argentina.

People were waiting for Barcelona, ​​Santander, Madrid. But Bolivia? Fuck!“, launched Gerard Piqué, causing outrage on the Internet for discriminating against the country where the interpreter will be.

The shit… “I was throwing away my dates calmly… Then I’m going to Mexico and here in Spain there is nothing coming soon,” he concluded. Maria Becerra. The video of the tense moment quickly went viral on the Internet and Internet users called Gerard Piqué racist and xenophobic for his statements.

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