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(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Debuts as a Solo Artist with a Video Filled with Horror Movie Characters in “Freak”


Yuqifrom the K-Pop group (G)I-DLEdebuted as a solo artist with a video full of horror movie characters in “freak“, the lead single from their mini-album “YUQ1“.

In the music video for ‘freak‘, Yuqi finds herself tormented by horror music characters like Scream, Saw, The Shining and more. But as the weeks go by, she gets used to living with these “freaks,” and soon she becomes friends with them and goes on to form a band.

“She’s a certified freak / Ten days a week / The way she moves drove me crazy, made me weak”sings the 24-year-old Chinese songwriter, rapper and dancer.

The album, YUQ1, also features rapper pH-1 on ‘Drink It Up’, (G)I-DLE bandmate Minnie in ‘Everytime’ and Lexie Liu in ‘On Clap’.

On April 5, Yuqi released her solo single “Could It Be”which serves as a pre-release for their first mini album “YUQ1”, along with its official music video.

He tracklist It is made up of seven songs, three of them feature collaborations from pH-1, Lexie Liu and Minnie.

  1. FREAK
  2. My Way
  3. Drink It Up (feat. pH-1)
  4. Red Rover
  5. On Clap (feat. Lexie Liu)
  6. Everytime (with MINNIE)
  7. Could It Be

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