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How much would Coty Romero earn for being a Big Brother participant after his return to reality?


Coty Romerowho participated in the previous edition of Big Brother (Telefe) and now he is doing it again after entering the Golden Ticketwould charge a monthly fee to remain inside the house thanks to his audience.

How much does Coty Romero earn to be on Big Brother?

The woman from Corrientes went to the plate twice since she returned to the reality show, and her fandom showed that she has support abroad after being saved in both galas with positive votes.

As is public knowledge, staying in the house and the competition leaves a benefit for all participants, beyond the large prize that only the winner will win.

Coty Romero in Big Brother
Coty Romero in Big Brother. (Capture: Telefe)

As announced Santiago del Morothe host of the program, Coty would receive the same monthly salary as his colleagues despite having joined later as a “ex-sister”. In this way, the participants They would have a salary of 300,000 pesos.

What happened between Furia and Coty Romero in Big Brother

Juliana “Furia” Scaglione and Coty Romero They once again engaged in a fierce fight in Big Brother (Telefe) and they said everything.

The reality show participants were carrying out a group activity when Rage He made a spicy comment that made people angry. Coty.

The players had to form words with giant letters, when Nicolas Grosman he wrote badly “microwave”. “It’s written wrong,” someone warned him when they saw that instead of a “or” there was an “h.”

It is written like this“He agreed Coty Romero. In that moment, Rage He jumped up and said to Nico: “In your defense, you wrote it well and some idiot… told you that it went with an ‘h’“.

Slowly, Juliana. I’m not a fool… I told him so, but why don’t you be calmer and say things well?“, Corrientes burst out.

While Rage He justified himself by saying that he did not name her, Coty she continued upset: “I’m not going to put up with those things, don’t disrespect me. I’m not like you. Calm down”.

“I didn’t disrespect you. But hey, my love, calm down“he concluded Juliana, who on other occasions also crossed paths with Coty Romero. Once again they made it clear that it is one of the most tense relationships in the house. Big Brother (Telefe).

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