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the Nupes still disunited before the senatorial elections

Sunday September 24, mayors, departmental and regional councilors and other deputies will have to renew half of the Senate, or 170 seats. An indirect vote which does not escape current political tensions, in particular within the Nupes. For the first election since the creation of the union of the left and environmentalists, the member parties failed to renew the legislative agreement. With a big loser: rebellious France. Illustration in Oise, north of Paris.

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It’s frustrating, because we could have continued this momentum of the Nupes, including in the Senate. » In the streets of Chantilly, the leader of the Insoumis in Oise, Marianne Seck, expresses her incomprehension. Socialists, communists and ecologists from the department have in fact decided to unite without her for the senatorial election. “ These are the bad methods of our partners who, historically, make apothecary accounts when it comes to elections », she laments on the microphone ofAurélien Devernoixfrom the RFI Politics department.

Enough to make Alexandre Ouizille, the socialist who leads the competing list, smile: “ You know, there are national considerations which made the Insoumis want to leave alone. We gathered everything else. In any case, when people receive us, there is no worry… »

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Because rebellious radicalism upsets certain left-wing elected officials in this department rooted on the right. Illustration in Fitz-James, in the heart of Oise where, for mayor Jean-Claude Pèlerin, the controversies that the Insoumis are fond of create tension among his constituents: “ We end up with politicking, sterile and vulgar debates. How do you want people to be participatory in everyday life? »

Alexandre Ouizille approves. Here, the national politico-media whirlwind is far from local concerns, he thinks: “ Starting to talk about national politics sometimes means creating a mess around the table, even though we are there for the communal interest. »

A ” mess » which could cost him several dozen crucial votes for this senatorial election. And too bad for the union.

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