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“imbroglio” around the post of chief of staff of the President of the Assembly

Misunderstanding “, “ imbroglio “, ” skein to unravel ” or ” scandal », Many comments punctuated the first week of the budget session in the Cameroonian Parliament. However, nothing to do with the finance bill to be adopted, it is the confusion surrounding the position of chief of staff of the President of the Assembly, contradictory documents and suspicions of falsification of official stamps. A case which comes in addition to the allegations of embezzlement concerning the institution and the controversial remarks of the said chief of staff.

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Nine days ago, on the 5 p.m. news of Cameroonian national radio and television (CRTV), on Thursday, November 9, the dismissal of Boukar Abdourahim was announced. As well as his replacement as chief of staff of the president of the assembly by Kamsouloum Elhadji Hachimi. Dated the same day, another press release circulated on social networks to deny this dismissal.

No change »

It can be read that “ the president of the assembly of Cameroon brings to the attention of public opinion (…) that he has not made any changes within his cabinet today. Lawless individuals imitated his signature and manufactured stamps for (…) a destabilization enterprise “. The authors are described as “ highwaymen » and the press release states that they will be “ hunted “. At the bottom of the signed text, the name of the president of the assembly, Cavayé Yeguié Djibril.

Conflicting communications, both attributed to the president of the lower house of the Cameroonian Parliament. Even if the position of chief of staff is unrelated to legislative work, the affair causes uneasiness among some deputies.

We would all like this situation to be resolved »

The opponent Cabral Libii, president of the PCRN, candidate declared third in the 2018 presidential election, describes this news as “ infamous “. “ For months, he said, we have had texts and counter-texts, communications and counter-communications and the President of the Assembly has not said a word about it. “. On the side of the majority party, an advisor to the general secretary of the CPDM Central Committee says he is following this closely. “ This is a matter that concerns the President of the Assembly and his chief of staff. We hope that it will not undermine parliamentary work itself. »

We would all like this situation to be resolved and the truth and falsehood of the circulation of documents to be established. », Adds Patrick Rifoe, party communicator. Contacted, the communications unit of the presidency of the Cameroonian National Assembly has not yet responded to our questions.

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