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‘Ociel Baena había recibido amenazas’, denuncian padres del magistrade

In addition to denouncing a series of inconsistency in the indagación, the padres of the magistrate Ociel Baena, who was asesinado in Aguascalientes denunciaron que en días pasados ​​había recibido amenazas de morte, por lo que demanden a las authorities de este Estado investigar al respecto.

Fue ayer que los padres del magistratewho resides in Saltillo, in the company of his legal representative, will offer a business address, which will be demonstrated previously.

Destacarón que si bien las autoridades de Aguascalientes dieron aconcere la mechanica de como ocurrieron los hechos, no se busca que se revoke si no que seclaren some aspectos.

“There are some dudas and inconsistencias that we have in the indagación, like the one who decided that the backs were gone, when my husband was diestro, as if like that no one lived in a third person in the domicilio, when he was a duda that we did not descartamos” , dijo Juan Baena, padre de Ociel.

Bearing in mind that the videos were analyzed, it is not determined that the minutes of the video were analyzed.

Please note that in the past, please note that the videos are proportioned to be analyzed and are safe to access at home.

Destacó that at the moment it occurs not in conformity with the resolution, for days before the problems, the magistrate fue amenazade.

“My husband was an activist of the LGTBI+ movement, constantly brought to death, to death, four or five days of this day, I am sure of my life, and also in his ministry within the politics, no matter what it is, it is sweet, what It is a very small land that has the best and is not suitable for people.

Recorded that it was common that received groups from within the policy.

For another reason, we lamented that the photos of the death of his father were filtered, and that they were classified as professional professionalism by the investigating authorities.


The fact that a robo was committed at the family home in Saltillo by Magistrate Ociel Baena, the Fiscalía General del Estado (FGE) informed that there was an investigation with respect to those responsible.

From the charge of the fiscal general, Gerardo Márquez, in relation to the homicide of the magistrate, he has not received a request for cooperation from the authorities of this State.

At the same time, those who happened to be in Saltillo were informed that at the moment the information packet was removed.

“If we are aware of the intrusion into the home, we know immediately and raise the denunciation in this place and we are working in the integration, we can establish that it is possible to have a false person, if it is false and it is robbed “, dijo.

Fue ayer que trascendió que la family presentó denuncia ante la Fiscalía General de Coahuila the night of the pasado miércoles

The family of Magistrate Ociel Baena denunciated her if she was the object of an attack in Saltillo, she went straight to the grave.

In this case, the legal advisor of the Baena Saucedo family, considered that this hecho could be related to the homicide of the magistrate.

Fue tras el homicide que la fiscalía del stateado de Aguascalientes, informó que los hechos apuntaron a que el crimen fue perpetrado par Dorian Daniel Nieves Herrera, pareja sentimental de Baena, quien luego de asesinarlo habría suicidado en la misma habitación.

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