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Beat-Up Minivan Goes Full Send Off A Jump And Catches Sick Air

minivan with its lights on

iStockphoto / Дмитрий Ларичев

Let’s quickly breakdown the ‘Minivan States of Life’ as I’ve come to observed them over the years. Stage 1 in minivan life: thinking minivans are cool because you’re a little kid and riding in a minivan means you can go places with a group of friends after t-ball or soccer.

Stage 2: thinking minivans are incredibly lame cars built for ‘old people’. Stage 3: realizing that minivans are incredibly practical for families with multiple kids because you can pack a ton of gear and it’s easy to step inside and get out of the rain to fiddle with car seats. Stage 4: going FULL SEND and destroying your minivan at the local track and realizing the past years of minivan idolatry and putting them on a pedestal was actually brain rot and by destroying the minivan you’re finally able to regain some semblance of your normal self.

That’s more or less how I’ve seen minivan ownership play out over the years save for the last stage. This viral video of a minivan jump at the Freedom Factory track was just a hop, skip, and a jump from my house here in Florida and I’m kicking myself for being out of town last weekend or there’s a chance I might’ve driven the 20 minutes to see this epic minivan jump:

Of course there are two angles. You don’t think we’d just see one angle of this minivan jump, right? Check it out:

The Freedom Factory is in Bradenton, Florida an exit-ish north of Lakewood Ranch (just north of Sarasota). Cleetus McFarland is one of the visionaries behind this track and he’s helped the FF explode in popularity due in no small part to his 3.31 million YouTube subscribers where he’s bringing a special brand of car videos to YouTube. They’re definitely worth checking out if you haven’t before.

If that minivan jump isn’t your thing, let it at least serve as a reminder that there’s probably some cool stuff happening at your local racetrack. And your local racetrack is probably worth checking out if you haven’t been yet.

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