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Las Vegas Dealers Made A Fortune During Las Vegas Grand Prix

Wynn Casino Las Vegas

iStockphoto / CaptureLight

The Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix was not without its fair share of obstacles. From all of the trees being chopped down on the Las Vegas strip to the race course that will take up to 8 weeks to disassemble to the Friday night practice session that was canceled due to a loose manhole cover that dislodged because it wasn’t welded down, there were hiccups to be sure.

But when it came down to Saturday night/Sunday morning, the juice was worth the squeeze. Max Verstappen pulled off one of his most spectacular wins of the circuit. Lewis Hamilton actually said it was “better race than most tracks (they) go to.” Adding that Las Vegas was “like Baku, but better.”

The months worth of construction and deconstruction, suffocating traffic, and facelift of the strip fell on the Las Vegas locals. But a Las Vegas insider/influencer, Paul Contino behind Casino Comp Wallet, reports that the casino dealers were rewarded handsomely in tips on F1 weekend.

Initially, he reported 350 dealers at the Wynn Casino split $990,000 in one day and $400,000 of that apparently came from one single high roller who had a rough day/night at the tables.

He later posted the video below to clarify that the Wynn Casino dealers each took home $2,000 for the 12 hour shift.

According to Las Vegas Locally, on a normal Saturday night the Wynn Casino dealers take home around $350-$400. This was a record-setting weekend for Wynn Casino dealers with $2,000/dealer marking the highest take in the 18 year history of the casino.

I happened to be flying over Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon coming from Lake Tahoe and even from high above you could see an endless lot of private jets. The amount of money that passed through Las Vegas for the F1 Grand Prix weekend is too much for a normal brain to process.

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