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Jesica Cirio surprised by revealing her frequency in bed with Elías Piccirillo: “You can see it in my happy face”


Jessica Cirio spoke without filter about his relationship with Elías Piccirillo and revealed the couple’s intimacies.

The model interacted with her followers on Instagram through the question box and when they asked her if she was having a lot of sex, she was honest: “A lot a lot a lot. I think she shows it in my happy face.“.

At the same time, Jessica Cirio She told what made her fall in love with her boyfriend: “We have a beautiful relationship, we are super buddies, we get up and train together, we share talks, we advise each other and we have very nice moments. AND The most important thing of all is that we have a healthy relationshipwhich today is the most difficult thing.”

Who is Elías Piccirillo, Jesica Cirio’s boyfriend

Although the model made their romance official in March of this year, the rumor dates back to October 2023. At that time, Fabián Doman had told Good morning (El Trece) who was Piccirillo.

Elías Piccirillo, if you do not want to be mentioned, do not post a comment below a photo of Jésica Cirio on July 21“said Fabián Doman, showing on the air of his program a message that the man left for the model in a post where she is seen on board a boat in Ibiza during her vacation.

The best vacation, with the woman of my dreams“, said the public comment. “Why does Elías Piccirillo not like being mentioned in the media? Why does Jesica get so upset when Berardi mentions it?” the driver asked.

Coincidentally, his brother, Martín Piccirillo works in politics, but has nothing to do with this. For me that is coincidence. “Nor am I going to blame the brother of Cirio’s supposed boyfriend for making his life, not even if he has anything to do with the province of Buenos Aires,” Doman concluded.

In turn, journalist Carlos Pagni revealed in his column in The nation that Elías is a relative of Juan Martín Piccirillo: “He is a state official. He was appointed as a consultant by resolution 205 of the Ministry of Transportationon April 5 of last year, as a member of the Ad Hoc Commission to evaluate a program financed by the IDB to facilitate accessibility in public transportation.”

Furthermore, Pagni said that Elías would have rented the yacht on which he walked with Jésica Cirio through Ibiza and Formentera for 1.3 million euros.

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