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Jimena Barón’s clarification about her uncomfortable moment with Olga that went viral on the internet


Jimena Baron He had an uncomfortable moment with Olga and had to go out to clarify what happened.

What happened to Jimena Barón in Olga

The singer became a trend on the Internet for appearing tense on the air I dreamed that I was flyingthe streaming of Migue Granados, the day they paid tribute to Patricio Rey and his Ricotta Rounds.

So that they don’t say that I don’t work, if I talk because I talk, if I don’t talk because I don’t talk, guys. What do they want? I’m learning, I’m not going to pretend fanaticism or anything“, She complained Jimena Baron in the middle of the program, since it seemed like it was off topic.

It’s not going to happen, I’m here with all my respect learning things and listening to songs with beautiful versions, with the cello“he added.

After the stir due to criticism from users on the Internet, the artist He laughed at his attitude on the show and shared memes.

Clarification Jimena Barón

About the reason for your discomfort, Jimena Baron explained: “I didn’t know a thing about Los Redondos and it was Los Redondos day“.

Clarification Jimena Barón

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