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Julieta Poggio’s unfiltered comment that made Mirtha Legrand uncomfortable: “I had been avoiding it”


Juliet Poggio visited Mirtha’s Night (El Trece) and bothered Mirtha Legrand in the middle of the program with an unfiltered comment.

Valeria Mazzaanother of the night’s guests, was telling how she handled the language when she led the Dancing with the Stars in Spain, when the former Big Brother made a comment that confused everyone.

What happened between Julieta Poggio and Mirtha Legrand

“In Bailando I spoke Argentine and put in some little words in Spanish, because otherwise there are things that are not understood, the jokes. I, for example, use the term corrirse a lot, ‘I run here, I run there’, and that in Spain it is something else,” explained the model.

But they say ‘you catch’, which is weird too“he interrupted Juliet Poggio. AND Mirtha Legrand stated: “I had been avoiding it, but there was no case, it came out“.

Valeria Mazzafor her part, closed the concept she was developing: “There may come a time when you start using it. I spoke Argentine and I didn’t try to put on the accent because we do it terribly. I’m too Argentine.”

In another part of the talk, Mirtha Legrand cornered Juliet Poggio and asked him about his love life. “Are you dating?” she asked. “No, I’m single, super single. I’m free for the first time,” the influencer was honest.

“Don’t you have some hidden love?” the host insisted spicyly. And the former Big Brother responded: “I had many loves in my life, I love being a girlfriend, I had about four boyfriends. I was in long relationships of two, three years. Since I was 14… now I discovered being alone. “I also moved alone and discovered something about myself that I wouldn’t change for anything, I’m happy, free and enjoying being single.”

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