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Laura Esquivel spoke about the strong impact of bullying on her mental health: “I am grateful to be alive”


Laura Esquivel spoke after the defense he shared for criticism of his physical appearanceand revealed the strong impact of bullying on his mental health throughout his life.

The artist spoke with the team of Witches AfternoonClaribel Medina’s program on Net TVand referred to the commotion caused by the release that he uploaded to the network: “I can’t believe the impact it’s having, I’m still pretty overwhelmed.“I can’t understand how far the message is reaching, I said well it’s going to remain in my community, in the people who follow me and that’s it.”

“But the truth is that it is reaching everywhere so, on the one hand, although it is a quite sad topic, because we are talking about harmful comments, Being able to pass on to people who feel mobilized seems to me to be the positive side.“he added.

“I don’t know if it’s the issue of saying well, I’m going to change the mentality of all the people who comment negative things, I think that’s long term but that’s why we have to make it visible and that’s why I appreciate the space, but what “We can modify how we treat ourselves with that during,” he analyzed.

Laura Esquivel He also recalled the bullying he suffered for his character in “Patito Feo”, the Diseny soap opera, throughout his life: “When I started receiving the comments I was with my boyfriend and I told him that they are bullying me, they are telling me horrible things, and I started to read things to him and we couldn’t believe it and there it was, then everything went more viral and the aggression became stronger and I think that the way I take it is from many years ago that I have been working with these attacks, a lot of therapy, a lot of support”.

I choose to self-manage because I choose what I want to do and transmit. I am faithful to what I want to tell, it is genuine“, told about the songs she is currently writing as a soloist and with messages of help for those who are suffering some type of aggression. About the image that the mirror returns to her today, the famous woman said: “I feel very happy because I hug the Laurita that I was, who was super sad and hit rock bottom, and was in a very dark pit. I went through strong and very delicate moments. So I look in the mirror and I’m grateful to be alive.“.

What happened to Laura Esquivel

Laura Esquivel He launched a new theme on all digital platformsbut she received thousands of criticisms that led her to make a strong defense with a forceful reflection against the haters.

The protagonist of Ugly Duckling He referred to the bad comments he had in the announcement of his song on his Instagram accountwhere they accused her of “that he had to take care of his body.”

Some of the messages were: “A diet is missing, good advice. Take care of yourself”; “Move a little more, baby. You look like you’re doing something amazing”; “Boots cut your leg, bad choice”; “Duckling is old now”; “He never took off because of his personality”; “I don’t know why I feel like high boots would give the song more drama.”

“Medium dull. It was always like that”; “They shouldn’t record it from below, it disadvantages us all”; “One who swore not to serve”; “Why crooked legs”; “Your time has passed, friend”; “Let him dedicate himself to something else and not dancing”; “Keep insisting”; “You need more fitness”were other comments.

The actress recorded a video using her face to express herself and said: “A few days ago I received a lot of hate in a reel of mine and this is what my mind was thinking while I was reading those negative comments.”

“How do I explain to you that I eat healthy? How do I explain to you that I needed to be more still because the shot looked much better so I didn’t move too much? How do I explain to you that those are the boots that I like to wear? How do I explain to you that those are the boots that I like to wear? How do I explain to you? “That your comment is extremely aggressive? How do I explain to you that I’m happy with this personality? How did I explain to you that I don’t need to give more drama to the song?”he explained.

“How do I explain to you that you don’t know me? How do I explain to you that we are beautiful from wherever they film us? How do I explain to you that I don’t understand your comment? I don’t know how to answer you, but the people who love me make me feel important. How do I explain? Do I explain to you that I am a human being? How do I explain to you that I am alive? How do I explain to you that I like to dance? How do I explain to you that I am fighting for my dream? How do I explain to you that I train 6 times a week? “I do strength training three times.”he continued.

Finally, Laura Esquivel He left a message to all his followers: “Always remember: the negative comments of others do not define you. What does define you is what you tell yourself, after reading those comments.”

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