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Lizy Tagliani defended public education within the framework of the University March


Lizy Tagliani joined the demand of university students in defense of public education within the framework of the concentration that is taking place in the different provinces.

This Tuesday, April 23, students and teachers of public universities They carried out a federal march to reject budget cuts under the slogan “in defense of public education.” Private institutions such as the UADE, or even the CGT, have joined in.

What Lizy Tagliani said about the University March

In this context, the host took advantage of her space on Radio POP to mention this claim, which challenges her since He is studying Law: “I go to a public university which is the National University of Lomas de Zamora”.

In this way he recalled an anecdote from when he was young: “My role is to make people laugh and tell my life and if my experience is useful to someone, it is welcome. But when I was 5, 6, 7 years old I took the bus 306 with my mom on the Camino de Cintura. We would take the bus and always in the back seat I would see many kids who, for me, the folders they used were huge. Today I realize that it was an ordinary folder like everyone else’s. I told her ‘mom, where are all those kids going?’, ‘to college’ my mother said, ‘And one day I’m going to go to college’, ‘yes, everyone goes to college’ he told me.“.

“So, the public university, especially the UNLZ, It is the faculty where all the Luisitos who ever dreamed of going to that university have that possibility. Getting there is very difficult, paying for your books is very difficult, working, you probably have three or four kids and, furthermore, wanting to have a career is very difficult. They are constant efforts that one makes, in my case, to bring to my mother on the day she gets the title of ‘one in the family finished, received and has a university degree,'” said the comedian.

Finally, Lizy Tagliani concluded by mentioning the importance of public educational entities: “That’s why I go there. I don’t know the political part and I hope it is solved, but fundamentally it is the great possibility that many of us have to have the most important tool that human beings have, which is knowledge.“.


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