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Lucía Maidana and Sabrina Cortéz surprised by kissing in full streaming


Lucia Maidana and Sabrina Cortez They wanted to seal their friendship with a kissas a result of the strong bond that united them during their time Big Brother (Telefe).

On a visit to It got stung (República Z), Laura Ubfal remembered an old program that some colleagues did where the closing consisted of them kissing the interviewees. Then, she told the former participants: “At one time sex shows became fashionable in ArgentinaOne was driven by Karina Mazzocco, which was very famous and was called D’A2. And, at that time they also made another program that was called Infomaniacs that La Negra Vernaci and La Gunda did. They were two wonderful sailings and they did the program at midnight, you could be the heirs of that. They had guests and, At the end, they gave each other a tongue kiss with their guest.“.

Continuing with the joke of recreating the program from that time, Gastón Trezeguet proposed: “Come on, come on. Take a bite”. “But we always do that,” said the accountant, who has kissed the woman from Salta on several occasions within the reality show and even outside of it.

Far from refusing, Lucía Maidana and Sabrina Cortéz kissed in front of the camerawhile the journalist shouted: “We are selling Lubrina.”

What happened to Lucía and Rosina’s relationship after she declared her love

Rosina Beltran He was in Relentless (El Nueve), and answered the panelists’ questions about his life, and how he could not miss his relationship with Lucia Maidana after his departure from Big Brother 2023 (Telefe). Likewise, she clarified that they have an excellent relationship, and that for the moment they prefer to be friends.

With Luchi we are very friends. If that. “I love Luchi a lot, they ask me in all the programs,” the Uruguayan began. Regarding the discomfort that was highlighted online when he reunited with Lucia, he stated: “Not uncomfortable at all, I know what Luchi is like, she is a sweetheart, she hugged me, I hugged her, it was a beautiful moment.”

It was here where he detailed how their relationship is: “We chatted for a while, we haven’t had much time to talk either, but oh well. We want to take care of our friendship as much as possible”. And finally, Rosina Beltrán closed: “What each one feels for the other, she and I know, and I’ll stick with that.”


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