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Luciano Castro would have reunited with Griselda Siciliani after their affair in the past


Luciano Castro He is recovering after his breakup with Vigna Flower and, in that process, He seems to have fallen into the arms of a woman he was with in his past, Griselda Siciliani.

This is how Paula Varela told it in Show Partners (El Trece): “Don’t be angry, we love you, you are talented, we love that you are together. Those who are copulating at this moment are Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani. This is a bomb“.

Then, he remembered: “They already had a romance in the past. In fact, Griselda has whitewashed it with a lot of care and love.. “A great memory of Luciano.”

A scandal had even been generated when he gave the statements: “And in that moment, Sabrina Rojas He came out saying ‘what need?’ They never had anything again, but now that Luciano was separated, they were reunited.”

What Griselda Siciliani had said about her romance with Luciano Castro

The actress had spoken about her affair with the actor on Susana Giménez’s program seven years ago, when he was still married to Sabrina Rojas.

“Why are we going to name him? He is married, he has a beautiful family,” said the protagonist of Sugar. “It was before, we were very young. The muscles are real“he added sympathetically.

I love him too much. “It was a little thing, a romance, it’s not like we were dating.”, said the actress before talking about her controversial nudes on the networks. “You have to get naked more, and enjoy the body. “Everyone takes photos like that, I don’t know why they make such a problem for me,” she concluded.


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