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Marina Calabro confirmed, broken, her separation from Rolando Barbano: “If I start talking I cry”


Marina Calabro confirmed, through tears, his separation from Rolando Barbano almost two months after having whitewashed their relationship.

Who is Marina Calabro’s partner?

Marina Calabro he told Yanina Latorre in The Observer 107.9 who separated from Rolando Barbano. Speculations arose after the two unfollowed each other on Instagram.

“Do you want to tell me something? Are you OK? They say you broke up,” Latorre asked him live on the radio program. What can I tell you? Look, the truth is that, if I start talking, I cry. And the truth is that I don’t feel like crying because afterward I leave every portal crying and it’s not good, it’s not pretty,” he began by revealing.

Why Marina Calabro separated

Yanina Latorre investigated after the confirmation of the breakup of Marina Calabró and Rlando Barbano: “Didn’t anything serious happen? Were there no third parties in contention?”to which Marina responded: “No no”. Immediately afterwards, when the panelist from THE M (America) asked him: “Did they not understand each other?”Marina launched: “It would be a good definition”.

Trying to hold back her tears, Marina added: “The thing is, well, If one starts giving signals on networks, you see, it’s like the question is inevitable. I do not want to cry”. “If you want to cry, cry. “People empathize,” Latorre told him.

You are very sad and your makeup is very smudged, don’t hold back. We are humans. There is something that is terrifying, which is having a bad time, having to work live and not being able to stay at home,” Yanina concluded when she saw Marina totally broken.

March 5, Marina was doing her radio show with Yanina when she ended up confessing the relationship with her colleague from Radio Miter.

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