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Marixa Balli returned to LAM and spoke about the severe infection she suffered: “I had an unpleasant moment”


Marixa Balli He returned to LAM (América TV) after being absent for several days, and gave details about his health.

What happened to Marixa Balli

The panelist seemed recovered, but assured that she had a very bad time: “I had an infection. I started with a very sore throat and it went up until it reached my head and the middle of my back. I was left hard and in a lot of pain. A big infection. They checked both my ears and it was very bad.“.

On the other hand, Marixa Balli She pointed out the health center that treated her: “Getting sick is a big deal. I was on guard for four hoursthere were many people sick. All very unpleasant. The doctors on duty do not treat you well, they do not listen to you. It’s a deal… you pay for social work and you feel degraded. “You feel unprotected.”

He also said that they had to inject him with medication because the pills made him sick: “I can’t stand them, on the second day I started to decompensate. I had a very bad time. It was very unpleasant. I haven’t had a moment like this in years.“.

“It was obvious what was happening to me. I was with this for 14 days. At one point I called my doctor cousins ​​in Corrientes and they told me what I had to inject, and then my head just started to shrink,” he concluded. Marixa Balli about the bad time he experienced.

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