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Martín Ku and Nicolás Grosman broke the Red telephone and Big Brother sanctioned them: “Come here”


Martin Ku and Nicolas Grosman They ran desperately to answer the red telephone that had rung inside the house and committed an unusual blooper that left the object completely broken on the floor. For this reason, Big Brother (Telefe) decided to sanction them.

Why did Martín and Nicolás break the red telephone?

Prior to the nomination gala on Tuesday, April 23, Santiago del Moro advancement through his Instagram account that the phone was going to ring with the opportunity to have a great profit. In this way, whoever answered the phone would be able to see all the nominations live from the SUM while enjoying dinner.

Subsequently, that participant had the benefit of being able to make his nomination with all the votes cast by his classmates. An advantage that could change the plate completely at the last minute.

In principle, Big Brother sounded the siren that turns them into Frozen to the participants as a distraction method, but then the phone rang so that El Chino and Nicolás Be the first to run away. Both struggled to arrive on time, although they broke the red telephone and were left without the benefit.

At that time, the host announced that neither of them would be able to see the live nominations of their colleagues, so he gave them the option of both choosing a participant from the house to obtain the benefit for them.

Without much time to think, Martín Ku and Nicolás Grosman they chose Bautista Masciaand was the member of The Bros who had the privilege. In the SUM, Santiago del Moro He told him: “You are going to see and hear everything, and choose the last one according to what you have seen. When you leave the confessional you will be able to tell it or not, as you want”. The Uruguayan’s strategy to know the plate ahead of time was to write down the votes on his plate with the sushi sauce to have a count when it was time to nominate.

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