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Palestinian-British doctor refused entry to France


The Palestinian-British doctor Ghassan Abu Sitta at a press conference in Lebanon in December. He has worked as a volunteer, including at the Shifa hospital. Photo: Hussein Malla / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 05.05.2024 01:14:01

Crime and justice: According to sources in the French police, the reason is that he has been refused entry to the entire Schengen area as a result of a request from Germany. He was placed in a waiting area and then flown back to London.

– It is a shame, writes the French senator Raymonde Poncet-Monge on X/Twitter.

It was Poncet-Monge who had invited Ghassan Abu Sitta to speak about the Gaza war in the Senate.

Neither the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, local police nor the airport authorities have given any official explanation.

Last month, the doctor was refused entry to Germany to attend a congress.

Ghassan Abu Sitta has spent 43 days in the Gaza Strip during the war, mainly in the Shifa hospital. Among other things, he has said that he had to carry out six amputations in one evening.

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