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Ricardo Canaletti’s defense after his tremendous live encounter with Eduardo Belliboni: “I don’t like being kidded”


Ricardo Canaletti had a fierce confrontation with Eduardo Belliboni in the air of very morning (El Trece), and Carmen Barbieri had to take it off the air. After the commotion, the journalist made a statement.

“The people are with you, you know? The table was with you yesterday. I tried to mediate and I really didn’t like that they both disrespected each other,” Carmen told him on her program.

“It seems to me that if there are many people who felt identified with the words, and with the whoring, they are welcome. I don’t like being teased, they have been teasing us for many years, and always the same people“, he declared Ricardo Canaletti.

I give the debate when I want. I respect the opinions of others, but it does not mean that I share them or consider them. “Everyone can talk, but most opinions don’t matter to me, because they have no substance,” he continued.

And he shot: “A person who is used to receiving buckets of dung all his life will remain calm, no matter how much they tell him everything. Since he is calm, because he is used to being trashed, he makes a mistake… A stupid thing, typical of a guy who is lazy, like those who ordered this strike.“.

“No one likes poverty, we know of all the difficulties that we have been facing for a long time. Do you want to fix the country? Go to work, and don’t pervert the National Constitution. And don’t be fooled by these guys who tell you that blocking the street is not illegal,” the communicator suggested.

“‘Because you voted for Milei hidden’, as if it were an insult“, he said quoting what Belliboni had told him. And he explained: “I didn’t vote for Massa and neither did he, I was one of those who voted blank. Because I’m not going to vote for a guy who is a member of a gang of thieves that has been working against us since 2001. And there was Milei, I don’t like his ways, his ideology… I am a person who likes transparency “.

What happened between Ricardo Canaletti and Eduardo Belliboni

Ricardo Canaeltti fought a fierce fight with Eduardo Belliboni live, and Carmen Barbieri abruptly asked for a cut to calm the waters.

The journalist and the leader of the Polo Obrero argued strongly in very morning (The thirteen) due to the general strike that will take place on Thursday, May 9, and they could not maintain a dialogue without insults and attacks.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Belliboni has had violent attitudes and has crossed paths with interviewers. In addition to fighting live with Pollo Álvarez, Estefi Berardi or Cinthia Fernández, At the end of 2023, he attacked Alan Ferraro, a TN reporter, during coverage of a picket march..

It makes me sick to hear it, for me it’s a virus, it makes me sick to my heart, this man gives me pericarditis, I don’t want to talk“Canaletti launched while Belliboni spoke.

“I am very sorry that someone shies away from debate, saying that I give them pericarditis, I don’t give pericarditis to anyone. If you want to argue, argue, and if you don’t want to argue, don’t offend. Mr. Canaletti, if you don’t want to argue, don’t “So, run, go to the bathroom, go to the kitchen, cook there with your colleague Alberto Martín,” the leader of the Polo Obrero shouted back, as usual.

While Eduardo doesn’t stop talking, Ricardo declared: “Take them, is this always the same? Get this guy off the air“. And he shot out: “You are a virus, a virus for society. You have nothing to argue with, you are rude, you are a guy who always repeats the same thing, you are a guy who should put what he lives off on the table, a thousand times“.

“Go to hell…!” Canaletti shouted when he saw that Belliboni continued attacking him. At one point, the picketer remained silent and the journalist, taken out, said: “He’s nothing, he’s a flea collector who lives off the poor. Go to work now, what the hell are you doing there? Go to work now, like we are working. It is a virus, a bacteria, bug, vermin. All this you are“.

When he asked to be taken off the air, Carmen Barbieri responded: “I’m not going to take it off the air. I invited him and I want to hear him. I don’t want you to mistreat a guest.“.

“Then it’s my fault… We can calmly have a debate without the need for that guy to be there. That guy doesn’t contribute anything, he screws up the country, the people, and he comes with a viper speech to screw you up.“, continued the communicator.

Although since very morning (The thirteen) They tried to calm down Ricardo Canaletti to be able to talk to the guest, they couldn’t and Carmen finally took him off the air: “Enough! I need to slow down a little. I ask for a cut, please“.

After returning to the apartment, the driver explained: “I agree with you, what worries you is that you get so energetic because it could hurt you. That’s why I stopped you, because I worry. When I stop the discussion, it’s not because I’m against Ricardo…”.

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