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Ronnie Arias spoke about his health after the stroke he suffered: “I had temporary amnesia”


Ronnie Arias I speak in The nation and told the fateful episode that occurred recently, and also revealed that his gym teacher would have realized that he was not well. For his part, he began to ask him questions, and told him to take him to the doctor. It was his son who took him to the clinic.

Regarding stroke, Arias commented that ““He wouldn’t have known.”and remarked: “It all started when I was at home doing gymnastics on Zoom and I had to go to the LPA program and suddenly, I started repeating like crazy.”

“My coach realized that something was wrong with me and started asking me where I lived, who I lived with. I was alone because Pablo was in Uruguay and Juan had gone shopping. When he arrived, the coach told him to take me to Fleni,” he clarified in the note.

Ronnie Arias
Ronnie Arias

In addition, Ronnie commented: “I had a temporary or momentary amnesia. But after six months I had tests done and they told me that, at some point during those six months, I did have a stroke. “I never found out.” For his part, he closed the topic and stated: “I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t have any symptoms.”

Finally, Ronnie Arias He is away from television after passing through Little Correct (The Thirteen), and returned to the radio a place from which it should never have left. Now she is driving again. Sanata (POP 101.5).

Why was Ronnie Arias angry with Florencia de la V?

Ronnie Arias destroyed Florencia de la V and accused her of being hypocritical for her attitudes in the past towards the LGBTIQ+ group.

A few days ago, the host interviewed Intruders (America TV) to Jorgelina Abelardothe best friend of the remembered trans star Cris Miró, within the framework of the premiere of the series that will illustrate her life story.

While the note was going on, Angel de Brito wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Televised hypocrisy. The one who discriminated against and stepped on the heads of her trans colleagues. The program that attacked that community constantly. Don’t they have memory?“.

After the commotion, Ronnie Arias joined the questioning of Angel de Brito against Florence of the Vand on the air of Pop Radio (FM 101.5), he shot: “Flor, I know you are divine, you are funny… but you are a bitch, mom“.

“I know, you did it to me too. I mean, it’s not that I want to be mean to you, but we talked, we met at Pablo’s, we talked about the issue, I told you what the issue was, and you ended up baptizing your children into the Church. And, when I asked you why, you, a trans woman, said that it was Jorge Ibáñez’s fault,” the driver continued, airing his internal feelings with Florencia.

“So, remember, mommy. All of us who are here today with a microphone from the community, from the LGBTIQ+ collective, we owe you nothing“, closed explosive Ronnie Arias.

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