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Rumors of romance between Luck Ra and La Joaqui grow: “The relationship is advanced”


The Joaqui and Luck Ra They would be starting a relationship, and they confirmed it in the program Start the day (Ciudad Magazine) since they tied up loose ends based on the singer’s statements on LUZU TV. Where she claims that she has been in love with someone for almost 1 month.

We already got the card from Joaqui, we already know who she is in love with… Luck Ra. A week or two ago, she had had some sort of virtual shootout on her Instagram account with him.”he blurted out Facundo Ventura in the program hosted by Yuyito González. “Are you already dating or are you seducing each other?”the driver asked. And she answered him: “And from what he said, the relationship is already quite advanced.”

After listening dimly, Pochi de Gossipeame, he claimed: “Actually, he has a girlfriend who is an influencer, a girlfriend who everyone knows about him and who is very pretty. Surely, he recently cut it.”

“We have a video where La Joaqui, coincidentally, is dancing to a Luck Ra song,” he blurted out Yuyito. Thus, in the video the singer is with a thermos and a mate while she plays in the background “A thousand questions.” The man from Córdoba commented on the publication, and she played along.

La Joaqui and Luck Ra
La Joaqui and Luck Ra (screenshot in X @elejercitodelam)

So far, they are just rumors of an alleged relationship between La Joaqui with Luck Ra, and it is not even known if they are going to release a song together. What is certain is that the singer has been in love for several days, and that she is happy.

Joaqui confirmed that she is in love

A few days ago, the RKT singer confirmed on LUZUTV that she was in love with a mysterious boy, and that he motivated her to do things that she never did. Although she did not give the name of the person, many portals claim that he could be the singer from Córdoba. Luck Ra. All this rumor arose from a comment that the singer had in a publication of The Joaqui.

“I fell in love, something that never happened to me,” Shooting. And he went deeper: “All these years I was meditating about it and I realized that he had always linked me for other types of reasons: he let me choose, I didn’t want to be alone or because I liked to pretend that I fell in love. It was a mood.”

Flower Jasmine Peña, Member of Nobody says anything, He consulted him: “And what do you feel differently now that you think you’re really in love?” To which he responded: “The first thing that happens to me is that I don’t mind being in my pajamas. Whenever I was with a boy, I would set my alarm an hour early to get ready. That happened to me all my life and now I don’t care, I wake up disheveled and I can’t I feel uncomfortable”.

If it is reciprocal? “I want to believe so, because you saw that men are half-liars.” left in passing, and Nico Occhiato I consult La Joaqui: “How long have you been with this person?” and answered: “Nothing, very little time ago. One month ago. One day I saw this person and I could never let go again.”

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