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Santiago del Moro announced that there will be a new special entry to the Big Brother house: “It is imminent”


Santiago del Moro revealed in full live Big Brother (Telefe) that someone special will soon enter the house to accompany the participants after four months in the competition, and detailed how they are preparing the moment.

Who will enter the Big Brother house?

“The boys are talking about a dog, and the arrival of a little dog is imminent. They are going to be a transit home for a little dog. He was abandoned, mistreated, you are going to know his story because it is from a movie,” the driver said.

In addition, he expressed that if a participant wants to adopt it, they can do so: “The dog is beautiful. He is already prepared with the appropriate care to enter. The house will serve as a transit place, unless someone wants to adopt him. He is not a puppy, he is a dog just over a year old.”

“We are now in the process of bringing in the pet. A beautiful, rescued dog, you are going to know the story of the dog,” express Del Moro.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that a pet enters the most famous house in the country after a few months after the reality show began. In the previous edition, two dogs called Blackberry and Caramel by the little brothers themselves.

In this case, Blackberry was adopted by Marcos Ginocchiothe winner of Big Brother 2022 (Telefe)while Candy lives with Romina Uhrigthe former deputy.

Who are the nominees at the Big Brother gala on Wednesday, April 17?

The new nominees for Wednesday, April 17, were as follows: Martín Ku (11 votes), Coty Romero (6 votes), Emmanuel Vich (6 votes) and Federico Farías (6 votes).

Paloma Méndez (3 votes), Florencia Regidor (2 votes), Nicolás Grosman (2 votes) and Virginia Demo (2 votes)were also nominated by their peers, but did not enter the nomination plate.

The nominees at the gala on Wednesday, April 17
The nominees at the gala on Wednesday, April 17. (Capture: Telefe)

However, everything changed from one moment to the next and The nomination plate was made up of the 12 participants who were inside the house.without Bautista Mascia for being a leader, among them: Coty Romero, Darío Martínez Corti, Emmanuel Vich, Federico Farías, Florencia Regidor, Juliana Furia ScaglioneMartín Ku, Mauro D’Alessio, Nicolás Grosman, Paloma Méndez, Virginia Demo and Zoe Bogach.

On Sunday, April 21, the public will have to decide who will be the next eliminated from the house by positive vote, that is, they will have to choose who they want to continue in the Big Brother house. (Telefe).

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