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Sergio Lapegüe and Roxy Vázquez apologized for the misplaced graph against Boca in TN: “A disciplinary measure was taken”


Sergio Lapegue and Roxy Vazquez they apologized for the misplaced graph against Boca in TNsaid that the situation does not agree with the channel’s policy and assured that “Disciplinary action was taken” against the person who did what he did.

What happened to the TN graph

After 9:30 in the morning, with the full impact on social networks, the drivers Sergio Lapegue and Roxy Vazquez, They spoke to the public about the bad taste graph that aired on the TN screen.

“During the reading of the 7 o’clock titles, which was my turn to read, there was an inappropriate text, but my voice did not come out telling it but it was read, and it has nothing to do with TN policy,” he began saying Roxy Vázquez.

Sergio Lapegüe, for his part, said that it was a “inside joke that shouldn’t have aired” and that “it has to do with football folklore,” he reiterated that “Roxy didn’t read it because she realized there was a mistake.”

The P He also said that Disciplinary measures have already been taken against that person who wanted to make a bad joke. We are showing our faces. Roxy did not read it because she realized there was an error. “It is appropriate that we apologize on behalf of the entire team that always tries to bring the best information,” the journalist closed.

What the TN graph said against Boca

One of the titles of the day on TN was the result of the match between Boca and Fortaleza. “Copa Sudamericana” read the flyer of the news being developed, whose title was “Valuable triumph in Venezuela”, alluding to Lanús’s victory against Metropolitanos by 2 to 0.

Roxy Vazquez, who was reading, suddenly stopped talking. “And I told Boca…”, he came to say. The graph quickly disappeared, but viewers were quicker, capturing the misplaced text and sharing it on social media. “Ah, Boca already got it in Brazil,” was read on said socket.

“Who put that in?”he launched Sergio Lapeguecycle driver From 6 to 10 (TN). “I’m going to go look for the person who wrote that.”he added when he heard laughter behind the camera.

“Never in 25 years of work has this ever happened to mebut barbaric,” claimed Vázquez. “At least you stopped, because there are several who continue,” Lapegüe told him. “I almost kept going, but I stopped there”, admitted the driver. Before changing the subject, the host joked: “What happens is that you are a modulation teacher, a television presentation teacher.”

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