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SV will make Temu more expensive – and Fretex cheaper


SV’s Kari Elisabeth Kaski wants an end to duty exemptions for “fast fashion”. Photo: Martin Solhaug Standal / NTB

Of NTB | 26.04.2024 05:32:17

Economy and business: – It makes zero sense that goods produced in China are cheaper than short-distance goods, says SV’s fiscal policy spokesperson Kari Elisabeth Kaski to NTB.

She points out that we currently have a duty exemption on clothing of up to NOK 3,000.

– In practice, we have customs rules in Norway which mean that cheap chains such as Temu and Wish are not covered, and therefore become a much better alternative for people than second-hand chains such as Fretex, she says.

She warns that SV will shortly put forward a proposal in the Storting to:

* Reduce VAT on second-hand purchases

* Remove “the environmentally hostile duty exemption on fast fashion”

* Reduce the VAT on repairs

– From climate considerations, it is quite obvious that we must make it easier to buy used than new. The rules today have a completely opposite effect, and of course we have to do something about that, says Kaski.

– I fully understand that people fall for this type of cheap goods, but I hope people think twice.

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