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The cry from outside that upset Coty Romero in Big Brother: “On Sunday you’re leaving”


Coty Romerowho re-entered the house of Big Brother (Telefe) for him Golden Ticketshe heard screams from outside that left her shocked at the moment prior to the elimination gala on Sunday, April 28 where she is one of the nominated participants.

The moment occurred when I was in the patio of the house next to Martín Ku, Bautista Mascia, Nicolás Grosman and the company of Arthur while they talked about life.

However, everything was fine until the little brothers realized that someone shouted loudly and said: “Coty, you’re leaving on Sunday”.

The video went viral on the networks and many of them claim that it will be the next to be eliminated. Besides, Juliana Furia Scaglionehis “competence” Inside the house, she has already campaigned for her fandom to eliminate her from reality.

Who are the nominees at the Big Brother gala on Tuesday, April 23?

The new nominees of Big Brother (Telefe) are: Emmanuel Vich (7 votes), Bautista Mascia (4 votes), Juliana Furia Scaglione (4 votes), Coty Romero (3 votes) and Martin Ku (3 votes).

On the other hand, Federico Manzana Farías (2 votes), Florence Regidor (2 votes) and Darío Martínez Corti (1 vote) also received votes, but they were not enough to be nominated.

The Big Brother nominees on Tuesday, April 23
The Big Brother nominees on Tuesday, April 23. (Capture: Telefe)

This Thursday, March 25, Virginia Demo You must choose who to save from the plate and then put one of your companions on a plate with strong participants in Big Brother (Telefe).

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