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The Directorate of Health must reassess applications for reimbursement of health expenses abroad


If you have had expenses for healthcare services abroad, you can in some cases have your expenses covered – but the application for reimbursement must be sent to Helfo within six months. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB.

Of NTB | 24.04.2024 10:21:53

Economy and business: The Ministry of Health and Care has decided that the regulations for reimbursement of expenses for healthcare services abroad will be changed – also for all previous cases, writes The Directorate of Health.

It is happening after the Civil Ombudsman concluded in 2023 that the six-month period should be calculated from the day you paid for the treatment – and not from the day you received the treatment, as the regulations were previously interpreted.

This means that someone may have had their refund application rejected because they applied within six months of the payment date, but more than six months after the processing date.

Helfo will review all cases that have been rejected because the application was sent more than six months after the processing date.

The few people concerned will be contacted by Helfo and have their application reassessed. Helfo will initially review all affected cases going back to 2015.

– Now that it has been decided that these regulations will be understood in a new way, it is good to see that the system is working and we can ensure that all the applicants we are aware of in our systems are paid the money they are entitled to, says department director Steinar Mathisen in the Directorate of Health.

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