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The father of Nicolás from Big Brother came out in defense of his platform after the serious accusations of Santiago del Moro


The father of Nicolas Grosman He came out in defense of his son and the platform that encourages him in Big Brother (Telefe) after Santiago del Moro He assured that they said unfortunate comments against Florencia Regidor, with whom he has a romantic relationship.

During the last program, the host commented: “Yesterday Nicolás’s tribune shouted atrocities at Florencia”. Which is why it generated Laura Ubfal’s very spicy comment: “That’s horrible, they’re stupid.”

For that reason, Gustavo decided to go out and speak in It got stung (República Z) after the serious accusations: “Yesterday I was seeing Santi at night and I felt bad when he said that Nico’s platform was saying outrageous things and Laura said that we are machos. I felt bad because we are a very respectful family and we never insult or speak badly, we are very correct. The only thing said was ‘Florence out!’ or chants of ‘Tomatela!’ How do they allow us to do“.

He even commented that “there is a video that shows that they only shout that. I sent the video to production and we uploaded it to Nico’s Instagram.” And he specified: “We have nothing against Florencia, not even his family. As a dad, I prefer Nico to play without Florencia, nothing more.”.

Nicolás Grosman and the moving words towards “Furia” in Big Brother

Nicolas Grosman had some heartfelt words with Juliana Furia Scaglione in Big Brother (Telefe) in the midst of waiting for his medical results. The player stated that he has to be determined and vibrate loudly so as not to get stuck.

“Juli, Juli, come a touch”, began Nicholas. And I add: “Are you happy?” “Yes, I am very happy”he answered Juliana. “Because you are happy?, continuous Grosman. “Because I’m in this house.”he claimed Scaglione. And the little brother continued: “One thing that changed me a lot, my perspective on you, was the day my mother came in. That day I felt like my mother, and I felt it inside me, that she knows you and has fun with Juli.”

And he clarified: ““We are in here playing, but… I also want to tell you that I am happy to share this with you.”finished Nicolas Grosman. Juliana Furia Scaglione answered: “Keep up that high vibe because you are the Bros, and keep blinding yourself with laughter, have fun, as well as everything nice that you do.”


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