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They ask for immediate expulsion for Zoe Bogach from Big Brother after breaking rules that El Supremo already warned


Zoe Bogachthe only participant left from the group of The Powerpuffs that was consistent with Lucia Maidana and Rosina Beltranwas criticized online for committing acts that she should not do in the house of Big Brother (Telefe) and fans called for his expulsion immediately.

Why are they calling for Zoe’s expulsion from Big Brother?

In recent days, the little sister stole food to take to her room, and the moment was all recorded by the cameras of the most famous house in the country. However, not only did she take advantage of it to keep a bag of chizitos, but she also dropped it on her floor and put it back inside her.

It is worth mentioning that, Big Brother He already warned them more than once about the lack of hygiene and cleanliness in the house. In addition, he clarified that it was prohibited to take food and store it in the rooms, since the food spoiled on many occasions.

In fact, it was one of the big reasons for everyone being nominated in last week’s positive plaque for breaking these rules.

However, the news did not go down well on the Internet, and they suggested that Zoe still have attitudes that The Supreme already banned, and they claimed that it deserves a severe sanction; Some even asked for expulsion from the reality show.

Fans against Zoe for stealing food
Fans against Zoe for stealing food. (Capture: X)

“I imagine there will be a penalty. They don’t understand the issue of hiding food and eating in the bedroom”; “For 4 months all he has done is hide food”; “They keep hiding food and taking it to the room. Aren’t they going to do anything with this selfish plant?” “The bullshit thinks it’s funny”; “He thinks he’s invisible”; “I don’t know why they don’t cut it”; “Aren’t they going to punish her?” users wrote via X.

Although there was no new warning from Big Brother (Telefe) for Zoe Bogach Nor for their colleagues, it is speculated that if they continue making the same mistakes, there could be more severe sanctions compared to a nomination.

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