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They lifted the program of Matías Martin and his son Luca from El Trece: “The rating was not good”


The program of Matias Martin and his son Luca, The legacy, It ended. El Trece decided to lift the entertainment cycle and replace it with the new season of Matter of weight.

Why did they lift Matías Martin’s program from El Trece?

Angel de Brito gave the information in LAM (America TV) and said: “They lifted the program of Matías Martin from El Trece. He already finished recording and took vacation. The rating was not good and that is what led to the end of the program“.

Before taking vacation, Matias Martin spoke about it with LAM (America TV)but had not yet been notified of this decision: “I am going on a trip and we will see when I return. We are recording some programs so that they remain, with some format changes. Decisions will be made soon, but none have been made.”

At the beginning of April, news about the lifting of the program had already circulated, but had not been confirmed. Pia Shaw had counted on Yanina 107.9 (The Observer) the beginning of The Legacy with celebrities: “There is a change of direction. It’s not the end, they are fighting it to the end. What do you do to try to save a program? They put famous people. The program of Matías Martin and his son Luca, starting April 8, incorporates celebrities. It will be called The Famous Legacy“.

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