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This is how the night went


Of Egil M Solberg | 05/05/2024 07:23:55

Police log: It has been a night with no serious endings and the audience has mostly behaved well, duty manager Håkon Tornes at Haugesund police station can say on Sunday morning.

Disposable grills caused a container fire at Stord

A disposable barbecue is probably the cause of a fire in a container at Rommetveit in Stord on Saturday evening. This is according to operations manager Irene Ragnhildstveit at the Sørvest police district. It was around 8.40pm that the message came in. The fire was quickly extinguished and the police opened a case.

Fight in Vangen

At half past 12 on the night of Sunday, the police received a report of a fight and gathering of young people in Vangen. Several of those present must have been minors. When the police arrived, the people involved in the fight had disappeared, but the police remained on the scene for a while to prevent. Tornes states that they know little about the circumstances surrounding the fight.

Removal from the city center

There was an expulsion from the center of Haugesund at 03.30 last night. A man in his 40s was then a nuisance to those around him. The man followed the order without any further polemic.

Suspicious man in alley

At 05.30 a man was found in an alley in Haugesund. The man was intoxicated and behaving strangely, says Tornes. He was considered to be in a condition where he could not take care of himself. It turned out to be a man in his late 20s who was thus allowed to spend the night under supervision in the drunkenness detention center.


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