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Two more arrested after shooting incident at Bryn in Oslo


A man in his late teens was found with gunshot wounds at Bryn in Oslo earlier in April. Two more men were charged in the case on Thursday. Photo: Tipser / NTB

Of NTB | 25.04.2024 18:12:13

Crime and justice: One of the two charged on Thursday morning is a minor. He is charged with attempted murder.

The other is in his late teens and is charged with complicity in attempted murder, police prosecutor Henrik Rådal in the Oslo police district says in a press release.

– We have reviewed a lot of information obtained in the form of interviews and telephone data. It has given us a better picture of the sequence of events and who is involved. That’s why we arrested two more, says Rådal to NTB.

The two who were arrested on Thursday are Norwegian citizens and are known to the police from before.

The police questioned the minor boy at 2pm on Thursday. Rådal says the other accused has consented to questioning.

– Whether there are grounds for detention will probably only be considered on Friday, says the police attorney.

– My client explains that he does not know about the incident, says Grinde.

The other accused, who is in his late teens, has had Håkon Marius Svendsen appointed as his defender. He currently does not wish to comment on the matter.

A man in his late teens was shot and even notified the police about the incident. He suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. The police believe this was an attempted murder linked to a criminal youth environment.

From before, two 19-year-old men, who are both known to the police from before, have been remanded in custody for complicity in attempted murder. One of them has been linked to the incident.

In addition, two others have been released in the case, but they are still formally charged with complicity in attempted murder.

Rådal informs NTB that an important part of the further investigation is to survey previous conflicts in the environment.

The police attorney further states that a handgun was used during the shooting, but they have not seized any weapons.

The defense attorney for the minor boy who was charged and questioned on Thursday, lawyer Elin Grinde, tells The daily newspaper that her client pleads not guilty.

The shooting took place on the evening of Monday 15 April in a hairdressing salon.


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